Testing for Chlamydia with an EverlyWell Kit

For many individuals, the mere thought of getting screened for an STI or STD in a clinic or doctor’s office is terrifying. As such, a large number of these people do not get tested and go through life not knowing their status. This puts their health and the health of their partners’ at risk.

Introducing the EverlyWell Kits

Thankfully, reputable brands like EverlyWell have at-home STD test kits that provide accurate results that are comparable to tests performed in a medical facility. EverlyWell has a test kit that screens for both chlamydia and gonorrhea that can be used if you believe you are infected with one of these STIS. There is currently no kit provided by the company that tests independently for chlamydia.

The test kit is priced at $69 and after placing your order online, you can expect delivery within a few days. When you receive your kit, you will be required to log on to www.everlywell.com/products/chlamydia-gonorrhea-test/ and register the test by following the detailed instructions.

What Happens When You Send Your Kit Back

EverlyWell Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Test KitUpon taking the test, you will be required to send the samples to a top-quality laboratory, with which EveryWell has a partnership. After sending the samples to the lab, you will receive a notification to log into your personal, password-protected account and check your results within 2 to 5 days. Your results can also be downloaded and shared directly with your personal doctor, if you make the decision to go to a local physician after receiving your results.

The partner labs chosen by the company have all received certification under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. This indicates that they have met high standards to obtain federal and state certifications. Furthermore, they have to undergo rigorous inspections on a regular basis.

Your results will contain your levels and make you aware of how they are as compared with the appropriate standards. If you receive abnormal test results, a board-certified doctor within your state will get in touch with you at no additional cost. Your case will be discussed and if necessary, medication will be prescribed.

Specific Benefits of Screening with At-Home Test Kits

• Cost-effectiveness

The at-home test kits are affordable and you get to keep some of the money you would pay for a visit to a medical facility. This is a big reason why more and more customers are opting for using an at-home kit. Traditional STD screening methods involve laboratory testing and this increases the overall treatment cost. Additionally, there are cases in which doctors order multiple STI tests. However, with home test kits, you can test for a specific STI to control cost. Remember, the Chlamydia kit from EverlyWell is only $69 as of this writing. And don’t forget to check the coupon section at our home page for any EverlyWell coupon codes that could potentially save you even more!

• Flexibility: Your Schedule

Chlamydia at-home test kits are flexible as you are not required to make an appointment and visit a doctor at a particular time. They eliminate the hassle of having to wait to get tested in a medical facility. The test is not rigid and can be administered at a time most convenient to you. Another big plus we’ve mentioned earlier is how much money you save by not having to go to a clinic (not to mention how much time you save).

• Your Privacy is Assured

When a person believes that he or she could have possibly contracted chlamydia and decides to take a test, the single most vital consideration is usually privacy. The test kit provides the opportunity to receive results without the intrusiveness of any other person, not even a medical professional. If your test result comes back positive, you will receive support in getting treated for the STI.

Chlamydia is Easy to Treat

Untreated chlamydia could result in serious health problems. These include epididymitis in men, pelvic inflammatory disease in women and an amplified risk for contracting HIV. Therefore, even if you have a genuine fear of getting screened for chlamydia at a medical facility, you can use the EverlyWell Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Test to know your status and take the necessary steps to be treated, if necessary. And please remember that Chlamydia is easily treated!