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A Beginning to a Better You: The 12 Step Program

The Time Frame of the 12 Step Program

The Time Frame of the 12 Step Program

All 12 step programs are managed either by a spiritual advisor or a sponsor or group leader. There are thousands of recovery meetings held around the world. Each meeting may vary just as much as each location. At one class, the adviser may steer the group through the first step over a period of weeks, even months, yet in another location of the same program, the sponsor may go through each step of the process at a rapid pace.

An Effective 12 Step Program

A 12 step program can only be successful if the individual completely comprehends the meaning and necessity of each step. A level of comprehension such as this includes the knowledge of the meaning of each term associated with a particular stage of the process. Previous efforts have proven that when people do not understand the terms themselves, then the individuals will not be able to comprehend the full intent of the step.

As a result, this lack of knowledge will make it impossible for the person to comply with the demands of the program. When the concepts are finally realized, the alcoholic’s or addict’s understanding of the step should be followed by idea, activating questions like, “What happens if this does occur? How can it not occur?” Questions such as these confirm whether or not a person beginning the recovery process understands the step before applying it to himself.

The Demands of the 12 Step Program

Only after an alcoholic or addict has made a mess of his life is the 12 step program typically of interest to him. Sometimes, his interest is not even the reason; in many instances, it might even be a legal requirement. Because of this, participation in an addiction or alcohol recovery group is usually a very reactionary event. Knowing the importance of each step and the ability to visualize the end goal is a huge part of using a sobriety plan effectively.

A 12 step program can only yield results when a person is fully aware of the steps he or she needs to take in order to make a total recover. Going through a meeting door for the first time should be a verbal message, “Yes I can beat this addition; I am not going to be an addict for the rest of my life.” Many people believe they cannot win the battle against drugs and alcohol, but this is far from the truth.

Everyday, former addicts and alcoholics prove the battle against drug and alcohol addiction can be beaten; it is not an incurable disease. Thousands have suffered with drugs and alcohol but are now, no longer caught up in the web of suffering. Hope exists for those being hurt by alcohol and drug addiction. One needs only to have faith in his or ability to triumph over addiction. Taking the 12 step program one step at a time will permit anyone to make a recovery a lifelong, successful endeavor.