Rapid Home Chlamydia Test Kits

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) remain a taboo subject. Many individuals at risk of these diseases find it difficult to come out in the open and seek help. It is shocking to know you have an STD infection. However, Chlamydia can be treated successfully if you start the treatment early. It is the most reported STD infection. There can be damage to the reproductive organs if the treatment is not initiated in time. There are two types of chlamydia test kits that you can use to test yourself. The first type of home test kit shows the result within a few minutes. The second type of test kit requires you to send your bodily specimen by mail to a lab. In this type of testing, you check the lab result online.

The first type of chlamydia home test kit includes all equipment, devices, and accessories you need to test yourself. It is a simple do it yourself kit that anyone can use in the privacy and comfort of home. The kit has an illustrative instruction manual that tells the user how to collect the bodily specimen. It will inform you what type of bodily fluid sample you have to collect from your body. Home STD kits generally require the patients to collect bodily specimens like urine, blood, saliva, or a wet swab from the genital or rectum. A chlamydia home test kit requires the patient to use urine or swabbed sample for testing. In case of the urine sample, only 3-4 drops of the specimen are needed while the swab sample requires only a slight wet wipe.

It is a visual detection method. The urine or endocervical swab specimen is added to the test device as instructed. The bodily specimen reacts with the chemicals present in the device’s pre-coated membrane. The result can be seen within a few minutes. The kit provides clear and visible result through a color band indicator. The result is positive if the chlamydia trachoma antigen is high in the specimen. If the antigen level is below the cutoff point, the device indicates a negative result. You do not have to worry if the test has been carried out successfully because the device also indicates if the test was performed properly. The rapid chlamydia home test kit is very sensitive and has 98% accuracy.

The second type of chlamydia test kits is a mailer option. It is a service offered by an accredited and registered lab. You can order this test kit from any website that sells it. The kit comes with everything you need to collect your body specimen. The specimen is sent to the lab using the postage-paid envelope provided in the test kit. The lab may take 2-4 days to declare the result after receiving the sample. You will receive the result by email or can view it at the lab’s website. The report is a PDF document that you can download and print. Each lab test home kit comes with a unique ID number. Use this number to view your test report any time at the lab’s website. Your personal data and information remain secure at all times. In fact, the sample sent by you is connected to the test kit’s ID number and not to your name and address. It means complete protection of your personal information.

The lab provided test kit comes with sample collecting materials, a postage-paid return envelope, and an illustrated instruction manual on how to collect the sample. You have to indicate whether you want to receive the result through the email notification or by logging into the lab’s website. The result is provided in a simple language and it is easy to understand the given information and data. The advantage of a lab testing system is that its test report is admissible in hospitals and clinics. At the same time, the doctor you consult may recommend further tests to confirm your chlamydia result.

Both types of chlamydia test kits are accurate, confidential and private. You can collect the specimen in the privacy of your home and check the result anonymously. The rapid test kit is approved by the government health departments and medical associations. It is used by hospitals and clinics worldwide. The kit is a simple system for medical professionals to test patients in the field and remote areas quickly and easily. Now you can use the same reliable and highly sensitive kit to view quick results. If you want the test done by an accredited lab but do not want to visit such a lab, use the mailer kit.

You can even order a test kit that screens for two types of STDs. For example, gonorrhea and chlamydia test kit can be used to screen for both infections. There is a test kit to screen chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Another test kit includes multiple systems to test multiple STDs. You will pay higher if you order each test kit separately. At the same time, if you are trying to test yourself only for chlamydia, a chlamydia test kit is sufficient for the purpose. Testing service for multiple infections is also available from labs that sell home STD test kits. You may have to provide different types of bodily specimens for multiple tests. First, determine if you want to test your specimen only for chlamydia or for other STD infections as well. Order a test kit as per your needs.

Rapid home chlamydia test kits can cost $30-$50. A similar kit that screens for two or more infections can cost $70-$100. The lab test kit generally covers both chlamydia and gonorrhea tests. It can cost about $50. Now you do not have to visit a doctor’s office or lab to know if you are infected with chlamydia bacteria. A home STD test kit is a good solution for sexually active individuals with multiple partners. If you recently had a sexual encounter and now see symptoms of chlamydia, you should test yourself for this infection immediately. It is a curable disease that can be treated successfully. However, you have to initiate the treatment early for a successful cure. Once it enters the advance phase, chlamydia infection can become complicated and difficult to treat. You may suffer health and medical problems that cannot be treated with common medications.

Any person can get infected by chlamydia but sexually active individuals are at higher risk. Pregnant women infected with chlamydia can pass it to their baby during the delivery process. The newborn can suffer pneumonia or eye infection. Chlamydia infection increases the risk of premature delivery of the baby. A pregnant woman should be tested for this infection during the first prenatal visit. Early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to prevent the passing of this infection from the mother to the newborn.

Chlamydia symptoms appear in men as abnormal discharge, burning sensation while urinating, and swelling or pain in the testicles. Women see symptoms like painful periods, abnormal discharge, bleeding between periods, burning sensation while urinating, itching around the vagina, and pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen area. It is important to know that symptoms can be random and infrequent, making it difficult to identify the infection. A proper lab test of the bodily specimen is the only way to know if you have chlamydia. Use one of the chlamydia test kits to test yourself at home.

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